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Andi/Andrea is a Sound Mixer, Designer, and Composer at Lemonada Media.

She is recently finished work on After 1954, Season 3 of Last Day, and music for Uncared For. She is currently working on a documentary coming out in May 2023.

As a Composer, Recording Engineer, Sound Mixer, and Sound Designer she has worked on LeVar Burton Reads, Full Release with Samatha Bee, Dr. Gameshow, Unladylike, The Brown Girls Guide to Politics, Encyclopedia Womannica, By the Book, The Secret Lives of Black Women, Katie Couric, Bad with Money, Fake the Nation, The Edge, The Cut, Dead Ass, Clear and Vivid w/ Alan Alda, and select episodes of You Must Remember This, The Paris Review, Motherhood Sessions, and The Sporkful. 


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