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Andrea Kristinsdottir is a Signal and Webby Award winning, and Ambie and iHeart nominated Composer, Sound Designer, and Audio Engineer.


Hailing from Iceland, she has lived in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Japan, and several US states. She has fostered lion cubs and owls, fled coups, and is also a proud kindergarten drop out who left the "field" to study with a French Clown. 


She works in many branches of sound, but much of her work is in Podcasts and Films such as the feature film, Faith and 2023’s #1 Podcasts Blind Plea, I Need to Ask You Something, and The Dough. 


Other notable credits include LeVar Burton Reads, Storytime with Seth Rogen, Full Frontal with Sam Bee, Clear and Vivid with Alan Alda, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Science Rules! With Bill Nye, iWeigh with Jameela Jamil, Katie Couric, Beautiful Anonymous, The Edge, The Cut, The Sporkful, The Paris Review Podcast, Last Day, and BBC’s Between the Ears. 


Her current projects include a documentary about a psychic in Queens, and the forthcoming 'Squeezed'. 


Outside of this work she’s an avid painter, writer, and cyclist. 


She currently resides in Brooklyn

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